12-14 Ritterst.

The red clinker building in the second of the three courtyards is doubtless the most impressive building, also because it completely surrounds the courtyard. From the first courtyard only a yellow brick corner building is preserved. As of 1873 the property verifiably has been used by the metal goods and lamp factory "F. Butzke u. Co.". At least in the early stage of development at about 1860 there had been a dwelling house for the master carpenter Eckhard on the property of 12 Ritterstraße. 1888 followed the company foundation of "F. Butzke u. Co. Aktiengesellschaft für Metallindustrie" with additional workshop and factory buildings in the yard by 1890. Later in the II. World War the location had been used as an ammunition factory and military hospital.

Today 12-14 Ritterstraße close to the former Berlin Wall has become a place for start up companies as well as artists and creatives.

  • Restoration: since 2006, roof extension 2013

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